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September 1, 2013
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Ikehara-Clarus Nero by SyncLiar Ikehara-Clarus Nero by SyncLiar
Submission for :iconikehara-high:

(English is my worst subject and my tenses are all over the place, bear with me)

Name: Clarus Nero
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: December 14
Class: 3A
Club: Gardening
Height: 6'3in/190cm
Weight: 106lb/48kg
Quote: "Let's go for tea, shall we??" 
Status: Single

:bulletred: Independent/Mature: She can take care of herself.
:bulletred: Adaptable: Quick to accept to new ideas.
:bulletred: Stressed: Constantly pressured herself to do well and be acceptable.
:bulletred: Board-minded: Very understanding, doesn't judge anything others throw at her. 
:bulletred: Passive: Stays low and back off from trouble. She is fearful of what a reckless action might cause.

Clarus has elegant and graceful movements. she is a polite person and lacks interesting communication subjects therefore, most of the things she say tends to bored others. Clarus is not the most famous person in school aside from her unusual height. She tries hard to learn how to relax and let herself go like the other students she see since she don't quite fit in, marked as the awkward one.

Clarus was an orphan brought up by a wealthy family in the U.S. She was taken in at an age of 5 with no knowledge of her real parents. She lived a happy fulfilling life with 5 step-brothers and 2 step-sisters (big family). 
Due to the wealth of the Nero family, she receives top level studies in various subjects.

One fateful day, Clarus discovered her biological parents (Wolfe) and the Nero family were feuds. The Wolfe’s has done many unacceptable deeds to the Nero’s that it made Clarus felt guilty and ashamed of the family that she was biologically related to (Wolfe). Now that the Wolfe wants her back, she was torn with the decision between going to the them or to stay. She chose to go with neither because she cant face the Nero's anymore, and definitely not going to the Wolfe's.  

Clarus stepped away and start a new life by herself in Ikehara High, Japan. The reason she attended Ikehara was because of the beautiful scenery around it and to learn an unknown country's culture.
Even at her stay at Ikehara, she is constantly visited by her step-brothers and step-sisters begging her to go back.

Family/Bloodline Background: 
Biological parents (Wolfe): Came from the United States and was another huge wealthy family.
Adoptive Parents (Nero): Ancestors was from Italy but her current family resides in the United States.

-Nero family
-Books/Reading in the garden
-Tea (Black) /Offer people tea
-Winter (Cold weather)

-Summer (Too hot)
-Messy Places
-Feeling leftout
-Precious flowers wilting 

Add Info:
-Often offers tea to strangers she just met.
-Has a crush on any guy that is taller than her ( no shame!)

Okay, can't draw teeny-tiny chibi's so have to deal with this big one.
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